Who is that handsome devil?

G’day mates,

This is B. Roo and the B. stand for Buck.

Welcome to my home and online stomping ground, SevenBuckaroos.com, where I bring you the greatest Internet marketing products you’ll find anywhere, for seven dollars. I scour the world for the info-products you crave, locate the marketers who created them, and approach these men and women to make deals.

Sometimes I have to get a little rough in my negotiations — but don’t worry about me. As you can imagine, growing up in the Outback makes we Roos pretty tough… how else could I get product creators to agree to let me sell you their products for only $7?

But your concern doesn’t lie with what happens behind closed doors… does it?

So let me tell you what you need to know:


I’ve tried life two ways: The Animal Kingdom Way and the Australian Way… and I prefer democracy much better to the way of the Death Adder. With that in mind, every Monday you will be allowed to vote for one of seven products. Whichever product has the most votes by the end of the day on Tuesday will be for sale, starting Friday morning, for a flat seven dollars.

The deal will only last over the weekend and the offer will expire every Sunday at midnight.

What happens if the product you vote for doesn’t win?

In most cases I will give it another chance. It will be in the voting block for the coming weeks (so don’t worry). If the product continues to lose, I will replace it with another and perhaps bring it back at a later date.

If you join my mailing list by Clicking Here I’ll promptly inform you when voting begins, ends, and which product wins.


Of course, I don’t do all this work alone. I have the trusty Net Results Team to help me out and we’re the first people, EVER, to bring you high quality products that sell every day for $27, $47, $67, even $97… for exactly seven bucks! We were the first to do this. If you see others doing the same: make no mistake… they’re no Roo… they’re just copy cats. And kangaroos don’t like cats.

And if these gentlemen have something to say about that, well, I’ll just put them in my pouch for safe keeping and deal with them later.

What I want you to know is: No one goes further, pushes harder, negotiates tougher, or cares more about your success than me, Buck A. Roo, and the Net Results Team.


You may wonder why we do this?

And the truth is: The status quo isn’t fair.

I know what you want. It’s the same thing we all want, ultimately. And I don’t believe a beginning Internet marketer or business owner who is a small fish in a large, shark-infested body of water should have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for products you’re not 100% confident buying, especially when you have little faith in the goo-roo selling you.

Fact is: Lots of innocent people get burned.

So this is my way of earning a buck or two and helping you get the marketing instruction you need to thrive in any market, in any country on our beautiful planet so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?

So join me and the other Roos and the fabulous Net Results Team as we learn to earn, thrive, and prosper, right now, together.

Yours truly,

Buck A. Roo
Founder, SevenBuckaroos.com
2008 Sniperoo Sharpshooter Of The Year
3rd Degree Kangarate Black Belt
“First Animal Copywriter”


“Holy shit, that kangaroo just spoke.” – Tim Castleman

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